Our Story

Back in 1987 I started Harry's & Benny's Burritos because I couldn't find a good burrito in New York like I enjoyed back in San Francisco.

Now my interests are focusing on street foods. I have long enjoyed empanadas and their culinary cousins from around the world including the Indian samosa, Chinese dumpling, and Jewish knish.

Empanadas make great on the go street food. Given the many versions from around the world, they present endless possibilities for including different tastes from many cultures. I am excited by the opportunity to borrow from each the essence of flavor that I love and share it with you.

So I came up with Chechenitas, an empanada pouch. They are a small, easy to eat on the go item. Better yet, the pouch means less bread and more delicious filling. Please give them a try and let me know what you think. M